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Grammar and Beyond
One of the biggest and famous of Cambridge University Products for grammar learners.
Project Description
Grammar and Beyond presented by Cambridge University Press is the result of years of research into how English works and the needs of today’s grammar teachers. Based on the idea that students need real-world information, extensive 4-skills practice, and extra emphasis on grammar for writing, this comprehensive series ensures success in the classroom and beyond. One of his most recent, well-conceptualized and globally published projects is from the series entitled Grammar and Beyond.

My Responsibility
I was asked to visualize grammar on four levels and I gave them four origami balls with different structures. I connected the complexity and structure of grammar to the complexity and structure of origami balls, I call it: "Simple-Yet Complex”. Behind the complex structure of origami balls, there is a unique pattern that is created through folded papers. We have the same structure and process with grammar, which hides behind each sentence. There is a group of words that must come together with a specific structure in order to have meaning. This could be applied to a very nice visual campaign. Additionally, origami balls have different structures and patterns—like grammar—where we could create a "four-specific" structure to connect them on four different levels. By representing various levels of complexity via a design-oriented approach—one in which conveys the grammar's own simplicity— I tried to illuminate a new way in which to learn English grammar.

Project Details
  • ClientCambridge University Press
  • Date2015
  • CategoriesBranding
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