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A book/online platform from Cambridge University Press for Spanish learners
Project Description
Entornos, Cambridge University Press’ new introductory college course, helps learners develop the language skills they need to communicate in Spanish. Entornos provides tangible support to students, allowing them to successfully process new language skills.

My Responsibility
On Entornos, I wanted to create work that is playful, that evokes some sort of response—whether it’s bringing people joy or delight, or making them think about things in a different way—shocking them. Dancing is a skill. It is a playful and an enjoyable practice. I have decided to apply this pleasant, yet skillful experience to the idea of learning a second language—in this case Spanish. In fact, the Spanish word flamenco means “flamingo”—referring to the cord, but originally meaning “flame-colored”. So what I’ve created from this is a meaningful connection between the form of a Spanish dancer and flames/smoke to create a playful and interactive visual presentation for Spanish learners.

Project Details
  • ClientCambridge University Press
  • Date2015
  • CategoriesBranding
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