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Cafe Nadery
Café Nadery is a community-driven Cafe that serves coffee, Persian food, and other beverages.
Project Description
Café Nadery is a social coffee shop that is the product of the desire to bring artists and entrepreneurs together in a creative, social space. The Café was established by a network of Iranian-American professionals to welcome creative exchanges between Iranians and non-Iranians in NY. The Café acts as a hub for ambitious individuals to meet, network, and collaborate.

The Café Nadery logo is inspired by the silhouette of a traditional coffee mug, and the shape of the letter “N”. The steam rising from the mug and matched on top of the N helps convey the fresh, welcoming sensation of hot coffee right out of the pot. The position of the brand offers a relaxed environment where people and ideas are treated with dignity and respect.

Project Details
  • ClientCafe Nadery
  • Date2013
  • CategoriesIdentity Design, Branding
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