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Roje Jewelry
A retail jewelry store based in New York.
Project Description
Roje Jewelry is a New York based jewelry store that specializes in engagement rings. Roje Jewelry approached me with a request to help build their brand identity, so that they would become more prevalent in the heavily saturated jewelry market. In this project, I created brand guidelines and designs that helped define Roje as a jeweler.

Like any brand, but particularly for a luxury jeweler, brand image is imperative in fueling the success of a company in the public eye. I took a unique approach with this brand, and delivered a logo that characterized simplicity and class. By identifying the unique relationship because the letter “O” and the traditional shape of a ring, I created a meaningful symbol specific to Roje Jewelry. While a ring itself is small, the symbol that the ring bears is monumental – and this is the message I wanted to convey in building this logo. I believe I was able to accomplish this with the fine, simplistic, elegant detail of the “O”, while also creating a larger-than-life “O” in the logo itself.

Project Details
  • ClientRoje Jewelry
  • Date2012
  • CategoriesBranding, Identity
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