Wanted to drop a note to let you know how much we appreciated your dynamic & fun approach to training!  The leadership team heard the raving reviews from the participants and gave “kudos” to the user-centric approach. Thanks for being at the forefront of us getting there. You set the bar super high!”     – Allison P.


“It was truly enlightening to hear colleagues sharing the same struggles and challenges, and to learn different approaches to handling those issues. I just gotta say thank you for being such an engaging, brilliant speaker and blowing my low expectations completely out of the water. I learned a ton in your workshops, and can’t wait to put it into practice and share with my group. And to read this book!”     – Jessica M.


“Thanks for sharing your Badass BA genius!!”     – Tara J.


“I was privileged to attend your Uncommon League training a couple of months ago! I still regularly consult my notes from that program, and use your handbook as the basis for almost everything I do in my new job. Thank you!”     – Chad W.


“I loved that the material was all relevant and usable. I have a requirements matrix that will be receiving a complete overhaul as a result of this class!”     – Katie T.


“I love the techniques we learned in class! I can literally use these everywhere! So much value in this class!”     – Paula M.


“Jen is a very engaging instructor. She’s able to communicate effectively and adjust content based on the conversation of the class. Much appreciated!”     Sonja C.


“I like that you took the time to understand our business and tailor the content to what we needed most.”     – Stacey F.


“I came into this class from a different role perspective. This definitely helped me in seeing things from another point of view.”     – Sang S.


“Reaching out to first off say thank you for all you do for the BA profession.  It’s always engaging whenever you are the a speaker at any event.”     -Dina H.