Who We Are

The Uncommon League is an award-winning training company for Business Analysis, Agile, and Project Management.

Named one of CIO Magazine’s Top 10 Business Analysis Boot Camps and named by US Business Magazine as one of the best training companies in America. 

The Uncommon League journey started out with one Super Hero seeking to consistently pursue the ideals of always doing the right thing for the people, the project and the organization.  The desire to maximize business value for our clients because that is what we should do each and every day.  This journey turned into Bob the BA, an award winning training and consulting firm.  Time passes and all things evolve.  Every Super Hero eventually meets other Super Heroes with extraordinary super powers of their own and with whom they share similar values.  The time has come for a league of Super Heroes that bring exciting ideas to the table and who are willing to leap organizational challenges in a single bound.  Super Heroes who put people first.  Super Heroes that help oganizations develop their talent with their uncommon approach of Think, Learn & Work Differently.  That team is The Uncommon League.

Why are we Uncommon?

Each member of The Uncommon League are not only instructors but they are real practitioners of their craft in business.  Business Analysts, Project Managers, Process Improvement Specialists, Program Leads, Product Owners, Managers, Directors – we have lived what our clients go through each and every day and we continue to do so.  We do not rest, we are constantly learning so that we can help you Think, Learn & Work Differently. 


The Uncommon League wants to help you reach your full potential; be it individually, as a team, or as an organization. This is why we work with our clients to create customized training for no additional charge. Really. Customized training at no extra charge. We want to be your training partner no matter what organizational super villain you may be facing. It’s never just “our way or the highway” or “you’re doing it wrong.” We’ll help you understand the industry standards and best practices and adapt them to what will work for you. We meet you where you are today, understand where you want to be, and we’ll help you get there. Because that’s what partners do.

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Awards & Accolades

To help organizations uncover data trends and find areas that need improvement, business analysts much be strong analytical thinkers.

The Technology Elite Awards looks to acknowledge the efforts of the pioneers and disruptors, as well as those who have sustained excellence and exhibited long term dedication to their commitment to the development and advancements in their field.

A ranking of the most interesting and important blogs on Business Analysis.

Curriculum Developer of the Project Management Institute’s Continuing Professional Education Product of the Year Award

It may make you giggle, but Bob the BA is seriously good reading.

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Top 15 Business Analysis Blogs and Websites

With millions of blogs on the web, finding influential bloggers in a niche industry is a hard problem to address. 

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