Think, Learn and Work Differently.

We are The Uncommon League.

We are the "other" guys... in a good way.

We help those who know they need help, but don’t know how to get there.  We believe that learning should be fun, interactive and not boring.  We learn from doing and not through lecture.  We align all of our courses to industry standards and best practices but with our unique approach.

Our Super Hero utility belts are fully maximized with more than 700 techniques gleaned from multiple disciplines.  We will teach you how to use them at the right time and in the right place to realize your own Super Hero strengths.  Each member of The Uncommon League have been and are practitioners of our crafts.  Business Analysts, Project Managers, Process Improvement Specialists, Program Leads, Product Owners, Managers, Directors – we have lived what our clients go through each and every day and we continue to do so.  We do not rest, we continue to hone our skills, learn, digest, teach, mentor, coach, and learn some more. 

Whether you are looking for a Super Hero power-up, or to level up your entire team, we can help with our uncommon model of THINK, LEARN & WORK DIFFERENTLY.  You first must THINK differently before you can LEARN differently.  When you LEARN differently you will then be able to apply those learnings and WORK differently.  This approach will take you from side-kick to Super Hero.


What does it mean to THINK differently?  This goes beyond the standard definitions and industry buzz words, but how to look at problem solving, strategy and innovation in a whole new way.  The best compliment we ever get is when our clients say “Wow, you really helped me look at that differently.”

This is the art side of the work we all need to do.  We challenge our clients to go beyond the box, outside the circle, and bend the triangle until new ideas or solutions yield the results they are looking for. 


What does it mean to LEARN differently?  Look, we all know there is a “box”.  We just don’t play in it very often.  When we do play inside the box, we know what tools and toys will get the job done.  We push the science in our delivery to drive learning experiences that engage and are memorable.  We address all learning styles and intelligences.  With lecture alone, the chances of retaining learning are minimal or just enough to pass a test.  With our apporach, we ensure that you can go back to work and immediately apply what you have learned.


What does it mean to WORK differently?  You are applying what you have learned and it is reinforced with mentoring and coaching for continuous improvement.