Strategic Consulting

Let’s keep your team safe and get those super villains out of your city. Get practical and pragmatic advice from leading thought leaders to build your team’s superpowers with skills and techniques that will work within your organization and culture. No more square pegs in a round holes.


Strategic consulting from the Uncommon League guides teams on starting up a new project or program, product improvement initiatives, competency skill assessments and skill uplift for your teams, building a Center of Excellence to develop a continuous learning, implementing and improving an Agile or hybrid methodology, and more. Our uncommon approach kickstarts your team to turn strategy into reality.

Villains and Roadblocks

Your team isn’t speaking the same language, results aren’t consistent, and productivity is heading to rock bottom as communication within your team faulters. 

Team members are at different skill levels and your team feel unevenly skilled.

Poor communication is breaking down trust and productive relationships with your stakeholders.

Transforming your team feels like trying to put a square peg in a round hole when adopting new modern approaches and techniques for team. All the advice you are getting is, “This is the right way and the only way it’s done”. Consultants are telling you “It’s our way or the highway”.

Releases and new features have more help desk tickets and complaints then kudos because they don’t meet customer’s expectations. 

Where do you need help?

Team Development

  • Get your team speaking the same language
  • Develop effective stakeholder relationships
  • Build stakeholder and customer trust
  • Improve outcomes and deliver consistently
  • Facilitate innovation workshops for bold new ideas and improvements
  • Apply critical thinking to solve roadblocks
  • Team structure advice

Build Competency

  • Maximize Your Training Investment with Practical Guidance on Bringing New Skills into Your Team
  • Conduct Competency Assessments
  • Develop Competency Growth Plan
  • Build Center of Excellence (COE)
  • Build Community of Practice (COP)

Effective Methodology

  • Kickstart an Agile Transformation
  • Integrate Agile into Existing Methodologies
  • Develop Hybrid Methodologies to Fit Your Organization
  • Conduct Methodology Assessment
  • Develop and Conduct Methodology Improvements

Kickstarts & Triage

  • Kickstart New Projects
  • Project Recovery
  • Process Improvement Assessment and Planning
  • Product Development


A+ grade all around! Your assessment was what we needed to validate where we can improve.
David G., Senior Director
Training was a well defined power-up for us. You understood our needs and were laser focused in helping us connect the dots.
Renu D., BA CoE Manager
What a kickstart to our Agile transformation. Trying out the techniques has us ready to hit the ground running.
Jorge G., PMO Lead

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about the Uncommon League strategic consulting and how we can work together to create a superpowered team in your organization.