Mentoring & Coaching

You have had training, great!  It is fundamental and absolutely where you need to start.  Did you apply the learning back at the office?  Did you answer the question with a sly smile and say “no”?   You’re not alone.  Making the leap from training room to applying it back on the job can be very intimidating without support.  That is where you need help with mentoring and coaching. 

People develop habits.  Habits are hard to break and even harder to start.  You often hear that you can make or break habits in 21 days, however, science actually shows us it can take much, much longer depending on the situation. In fact, it can take up to 254 days!  You read that correctly.  The Uncommon League helps individuals think, learn and work differently to help you get over the habit hurdle.

Our Mentoring Approach

Our mentors will help you by providing their experience.  They give you options, share similar situations they have encountered before, even demonstrate how something can be done.  From there,  you make the best decision for you.  You can choose the mentor’s suggestion or try it your own way.  The mentor and mentee will meet at regular intervals to keep sharing and learning to establish effective habits that support the training and expectations of your role. 

Our Coaching Approach

Our coaches work with leaders to determine what best practices will be enforced.  This is not about creating role zombies, this is about creating functional consistency across roles and your department.  We help individuals become empowered and take responsibility for the duties and expectations of their role. 

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