Conference Management

The Uncommon League offers a wide variety of innovative events and conferences designed to build your brand, market, membership, and customers by presenting new exciting learning experiences. Our products allow non-profit organizations, companies, communities, and teams to customize learning objectives to create an engaging and fast-paced learning experience. Let’s go beyond the average and expected.


Our mission is to provide fun, exciting, and relevant learning experiences. We believe we learn best by interacting and by being hands-on. The Uncommon League continues to research and develop new innovative techniques to drive better results for your events and conferences. We believe in partnership and offer innovative features not found with other event management solutions.


Our Products

If you can dream it, we can build it for you.

Uncommon Conference Events

Symposium Conferences

Workshop Events

Corporate Training Events

Professional Development Days

Business Analysis Development Days

Project Management Development Days

Professional Organization Meetings

Brand Awareness Events


Are you looking to hold an event?

We remove your roadblocks

If you have any of these roadblocks, we will remove them for you:

Limited resources in your organization available to run events.

Events are not interactive Learning retention is terrible.

Running your events has cost over runs and out of control costs.

Attendees are not returning to the job with newly acquired skills.

Outsourcing to event management companies is budget busting and expensive.

Our Approach

Experienced event management for affordable events in innovative venues

Provide top thought leaders, coaches and speakers that engage attendees

Make your event “sticky” and a must-attend event for your attendees

Creative and innovative new learning approaches to give every attendee an awesome learning  experience

Cost-effective approaches that don’t empty your bank account or bust your budget.

Rest easy and enjoy the event. Our staff is here to make your next event brilliant and hassle-free. 


See what our clients and attendees are saying about our events:

"Thank you Uncommon League! You're a lifesaver. You saved us a lot of money and hassle putting on our event”

"Your approach was creative – and never dull!”

“Pushed me out of my comfort zone…got me thinking about how to apply these techniques at work”

“Gave us new modern techniques and expanded existing techniques”

“Great opportunities to enhance skills sets…I really appreciate it”

"I have already started using all of the learning from the event."

"The entire day was fun and run extremely well. Can't wait for next year!"

"This was my 3rd different conference this year and was by far the best event I have been to. Actually the best in several years."