Episode 30 - Getting the Green Light for Training

Wow – 30 episodes! It seems like we started this last week! In this episode, Bob the BA talks about how to get the green light from your boss on getting training and attending conferences.

Episode 29 - Can Use Cases Work in an Agile Environment?

Bob is back in the house! This week’s question is about use cases and how they would work in an Agile environment. Check out Bob’s answer in this week’s episode of Ask Bob the BA. Don’t be shy – submit your question today!

Episode 28 - As a BA, How Do I Lead Co-Workers?

Welcome back to Ask Bob the BA. Bob is still on vacation this week, but he will return for more exciting episodes next week. This week’s question is “As a BA, How Do I Lead Co-Workers?”. Paul gives you some good pointers to help when you need to take the lead.

Episode 27 - What are micro deliverables and goals?

Bob is still on vacation this week and Paul is filling in with this week’s question on What are micro deliverables or goals and how they work. Delivering the smallest possible part of a capability has its challenges.

Episode 26 - Can Strategic Enterprise Analysis be Used in Agile?

Bob is on vacation this week so Paul is taking over! This week’s question is: Can Strategic Enterprise Analysis be Used in Agile? Find out why strategic analysis can help any project be more successful.

Episode 25 - The Strategic Context Diagram

Bob is on vacation this week! Paul will be taking over the questions.  This week’s question is about the use of a context diagram in strategic enterprise analysis. Are you using context diagrams strategically?

Episode 24 - The Transitioning Business Analyst

Episode 24 has landed and this week’s question is about how to transition a project from yourself to a new Business Analyst. Bob talks about the best way to handle this type of situation. Thanks for watching and keep those questions coming!

Episode 23 - Use Cases are Dead - Long Live Use Cases

Live from Boston! This week on Ask Bob the BA we follow up on Episode 9 Use Cases are Dead to reveal the real reason why use cases are used and how they have evolved over time.

Episode 22 - What's Your Biggest Mistake in Agile?

Bob’s come to you this week from the inside of his rental car in a Boston parking lot to answer the question, “What’s Your Biggest Agile Mistake?”.  Check out his awesome answer and stay tuned for more questions coming your way!

Episode 21 - What makes a Badass Business Analyst?

Episode 21 lands this week with the question: What makes a Badass Business Analyst? Check out Bob’s answer and understand what traits make a badass Business Analyst.  Keep those questions coming!

Episode 20 - What to Do When Requirements are Impossible

It’s mission possible with this week’s Ask Bob the BA question. Requirements can be tough to elicit and document. Hear Bob’s suggestions on managing difficult requirements.

Episode 19 - What is Abundance Mentality?

Episode 19 – What is Abundance Mentality?  Check out this weeks episode as Bob sings Christmas Carols in May (oh dear!) and explains what abundance mentality is and how it works.  Keep those questions coming!

Episode 18 - Left or Right?

Check out episode 18 for the Ask Bob the BA series for this week’s questions: left or right? Nothing political here folks just a little talk about critical thinking for a business analyst.  Check it out!

Episode 17 - Is there really a role for a Business Analyst in Agile?

It’s another great episode for asking Bob the BA. Bob gets into how the Business Analyst and Agile get along. It’s another musical moment in the world of business analysis!

Episode 16 - What's Your Best Advice for a Business Analyst?

Episode 16: What’s Your Best Advice for a Business Analyst? Watch this weeks episode of Ask Bob the BA for Bob’s best advice he would give to any Business Analyst today. It’s an electrifying episode you won’t want to miss!

Episode 15 - Who's Your Business Analysis Hero?

Tune in for this weeks episode of Ask Bob the BA.  Who’s your business analysis hero? Find out Bob’s business analysis hero and other great stuff on this week’s episode. Is it Stan Lee, Batman, or the new Wonder Woman?

Prequel - All About Bob the BA

At Bob the BA we have a different approach to business analysis and leadership training that is interactive and engaging. We learn best by doing and our courses are all very interactive an hands on.  

Trailer - "Leadership Skills"

Influencing without authority is a big part of being an effective Business Analyst or project professional. At Bob the BA we believe that Business Analysts need not only good business analysis skills and techniques, but good leadership skills. This is a short excerpt from our upcoming episode on  Leadership Skills.