WhY Attend?

Our mission is to provide fun, exciting, and relevant learning experiences, whether in a classroom, a conference room, a virtual meeting room or even a ball room. Science has proven that adults learn best by interacting. The Uncommon League infuses interaction, collaboration and networking with fun approaches and a few surprises in every Uncommon Conference experience. Our goal is to increase your engagement which encourages you to fail fast, and fail safe, while learning along the way.

And why are conferences so expensive? We don’t believe quality, innovative training should break the bank! Our conferences are developed by the top training innovators in the industry. We want you to be bring your whole team, not just send one person and hope they can do a debrief back at the office. 

Let’s go beyond the average and expected. If you work with customers, create solutions that customers use, or care about your what customers think, unlock your ticket today. 

New conference experiences

We get it. Conferences are a great way to learn a lot in a short time. But there is a down side. Speakers who only skim the surface of a topic, crowded rooms with no open seats, or sessions you want to see are all scheduled at the same time, forcing you to miss topics.

Is there a better way? We think so. What if we could combine hands-on-learning, networking, teamwork, and a bit of fun? No missed sessions, no missed opportunities. 

We challenge you to

  • Think – go beyond what is expected. Prepare to go outside of your comfort zone to learn beyond a typical symposium style conference.
  • Learn – uncommon methods, techniques and approaches from uncommon industry leaders
  • Work – At the end of the conference you will have methods and tools you can use the very next day.

If you work with customers, create solutions that customers use, or care about your customers think, unlock your ticket today. This unique conference experience will use experiential learning to teach techniques that will transform your stakeholders’ experiences. 

Make the case for Training

Need help getting approval and training budget from the office to attend?

We’ve done the research and assembled some tips for talking to your supervisor.

Be prepared, be excited, and state your case. 

Our Approach

Learn techniques from industry leaders, disruptors and visionary thinkers to build incredible and effective customer experiences and solutions. All hands-on and all interactive. No boring slides or lectures. You’ll explore and learn in new ways so you’ll be prepared to apply your new skills on your current project.

It’s like Speed Dating, Conference Workshop, and Talk Show all rolled into one unique experience. Learn techniques and their application quickly. You’ll perform the technique right on the spot. We promise, there’s no drill sergeant just coaches to help you every step of the way.

We want you to bring your whole team to the conference, but we want to push you a bit outside your comfort zone too. Don’t plan to sit together the entire day. New techniques, new approaches, and varied perspectives. 

You will get materials that provide descriptions, tasks, templates, and examples for each of the techniques you’ll learn and activities you’ll complete. We even provide activity products and outcomes for you to refer to back in the office. Not just what you create, but what everyone at the event creates as well. No more out of focus photos with your smartphone. Get unabridged comprehensive materials that are useful after the conference.

It’s not all about techniques. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Learn how to apply what you learned in the real-world. Every Uncommon Conference is a modern, interactive, gamified immersive experience where you will solve, create, learn, and control your experience just like you would in real-life.

Not a Business Analyst? Not Agile? Not Waterfall? No problem. Every Uncommon Conference is designed to help anyone who works on projects. The skills and techniques you will learn are applicable regardless of your role, methodology, or industry.

Interact with instructors and coaches throughout the entire day. Bring your vexing road blocks to thought leaders and experts to help you move forward in the real world.

We’re convinced that people learn better when they are comfortable. We’re professionals, sure, but we’d rather minimize distractions or discomfort and focus on learning. Dress for comfort. Dress for mobility. Dress for learning. 

For in-person Uncommon Conferences – we recommend layers. Conference center ball rooms and meeting rooms are usually large and don’t exactly heat and cool on a dime.

For virtual Uncommon Conferences – well. If your internet connection can handle it, we want to see you on camera. 

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