Support Small Business
A poster series geared to support President Obama’s job creation campaign.
Project Description
The Obama campaign was seeking poster submissions from artists and designers across the country to graphically illustrate why we support President Obama's job creation strategy. I was challenged to create posters promoting an aspect of the campaign – particularly around the importance of rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, small businesses, and helping military veterans find employment.

I had the pleasure to create four posters for this campaign, each with a specific message or theme: Supporting small businesses, “hope” creates jobs, “The American Dream”, and tax relief support. In the first poster I was inspired by two small creatures, symbols of small businesses, trying to lift something heavy to demonstrate the need of support. The second poster conveys how the shadow of “Hope” (based on Obama’s Campaign theme) can create jobs. The third poster illustrates how industrialism can empower the American dreams, and the last portrays how tax deduction can help small business.

Project Details
  • ClientWhite House
  • Date2011
  • CategoriesLogo, Graphic
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