An innovative software that facilitates improved reading comprehension for learners of all proficiencies.
Project Description
Newsela is an innovative software that accommodates individuals of varied reading proficiencies and backgrounds in the classroom. As a user experience and user interface consultant at Techstars during the 2013 Kaplan+Techstar accelerator program, I was able to put my skills to the test with this neat software. I spent two months designing an interface that was self-explanatory and straight-forward enough to appeal to three different user audiences: students, parents and teachers.

I created a unique landing page that presented one particular article, while the remainder of the page displayed other categorized articles. Upon opening the main article, the user gains access to a navigation dashboard to adjust the reading level to fit their level of proficiency. In addition to this, users would be required to sign up after visiting the website three times, and the website recognized unique visitors and returning visitors by their IP address.

Project Details
  • ClientNewsela
  • Date2013
  • CategoriesWeb design
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