Medad Pakkon
A series of visual activity books I created to help improve learning for young children in school.
Project Description
How an observation of a child doing homework resulted in creating and printing over 300,000 books to help other children achieve academic success.

In 2009, I spent an evening helping my little sister complete a math assignment in preparation for an upcoming test. Some portions of the text were so complicated, that she was unable to learn elements of various chapters with the textbook alone. From this experience, I began conducting my own research to see how young students (ages 7-12) were faring with this particular textbook, and others, and how their understanding of the textbook material translated to academic success and confidence.

The challenge was to create a series of books that would supplement these textbooks with more engaging ways to help children learn faster.

I created two cartoon characters, Medi and Peki. Medi is a pencil and acts as a symbol of creation, while Peki is an eraser and acts as a symbol of correction. The ultimate goal here was to design a series of activity books to work seamlessly with textbooks, and these two characters acted as the glue between the two – bringing material to life, and making it personable.

I successfully co-launched a publication startup and within two years published more than 28 books, averaging 185 pages each, in subjects like reading, math, science, and more. Upon printing 2,000 units in the first year, we received such an extraordinary response that in order to fill demand, we printed over 300,000 units. What began as a simple idea resulted in a small business with branches in four cities and 12 employees in a couple of years.

Design and Marketing
As co-founder and art director, I created both the business plan and the creative design for the brand. As a result, I created Medi and Peki in more than 150 figures, illustrated each of the books, made promotional booths for marketing events, and even created toys and other materials to help enhance the brand and learning experience. In doing so, I was able to single-handedly understand all elements in brand and business creation, and successfully designed a consistent, unique brand image for my own company.

Project Details
  • ClientMedad & Pakkon Publication
  • Date2009
  • CategoriesGraphic design, Branding
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