Lime Spot Software
An innovative tool to personalize online shopping experience.
Project Description
Limespot is an innovative ecommerce tool that creates an integrated, personalized online shopping experience for consumer purchasing. By using consumer social media information, Limespot is customizes content for individuals based on their unique interests. Based these on various algorithms and patterns, Limespot essentially puts items in front of the appropriate audiences to generate sales.

Convince business owners to try the Limespot platform within 30 seconds of visiting the website, by displaying content around the importance of personalization, a social gifting function, and the gender recognition system.

Based on the above information, my strategy involved three sequential elements: 1. Create an eye-catching landing page that maintains the attention of the site visitor. 2. Develop a critical path that systematically navigates users through the three key features in 30 seconds. 3. Encourage users to learn more and give Limespot a try with a hard call to action.

I created three different slides for the landing page,each describing one of the three specific features. I implemented life-like characters rather than animated figures on these slides to identify and resonate with visitors, as well as to enhance the user experience. The characters had unique actions based on the message of each slide. I developed and used a similar layout for each slide to create a consistency between the characters and slides. Following the development of these pieces, Limespot invited me to design their catalogs, icons, and signage.

Project Details
  • ClientLime Spot Software
  • Date2014
  • CategoriesWeb Design, Branding
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