Lavan Airlines
An Italian airline that presents historical art and architectural masterpieces created throughout history while in-flight.
Project Description
Lavan Airlines prides itself on giving passengers a comfortable, safe, and stress-free flight. My challenge was to create a symbol that would convey these company values as clearly as possible.

In this project I worked closely with the airline to develop a value-based concept for their new identity. Based on the nature of the challenge, I created a design inspired by the anatomy of a bird. As birds fly freely and comfortably through the sky, I wanted to convey this same message to symbolize Lavan Airlines’ values. In conclusion, the symbol I created was a seamless connection between the characteristics of a bird in flight, and the comfort of flying on Lavan Airlines.

Project Details
  • ClientLavan Airline
  • Date2010
  • CategoriesWeb Design, Branding
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