Grammar and Beyond
One of the biggest and famous of Cambridge University Products for grammar learners.
Project Description
Grammar and Beyond presented by Cambridge University Press is the result of years of research into how English works and the needs of today’s grammar teachers. Based on the idea that students need real-world information, extensive 4-skills practice, and extra emphasis on grammar for writing, this comprehensive series ensures success in the classroom and beyond.

My Responsibility
Modular origami is a paperfolding technique which uses two or more sheets of paper to create a larger and more complex structure. Each individual sheet of paper is folded into a module, and then modules are assembled into an integrated three-dimensional structure. Origami balls resembe the exact process grammar uses to create a larger and more complex sentenc- es with words. Each ball has an uniqe patern and color that identify the complex- ity of the levels from level one to four. The color hormony and the structure of each ball can not be modifed for this campaign how- ever, they could be placed in the space with different sizes and positions. Designers can always take advantage of the availible 3D versions to make creative compositions.

Project Details
  • ClientCambridge University Press
  • Date2015
  • CategoriesBranding
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