IBN Battuta Mall
Ibn Battuta Mall, located in Dubai, is the world’s largest themed shopping mall.
Project Description
Ibn Battuta Mall is an innovative, themed shopping mall located in the heart of Dubai. The mall is rapidly revolutionizing the retail shopping and entertainment experience with six unique courts: Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China. These culturally themed courts are architecturally designed to reflect the history and culture of these respective countries. The six courts serve as an inspiration to all those who visit.
The mall possesses a unique culturally diverse atmosphere and a high level of organization, thanks to the concept of retail zoning. In addition to the six courts, the mall is structured into different zones: Family & Convenience, Department Stores, Luxury Lifestyle, and Entertainment & Leisure. This zoning arrangement, in conjunction with the courts, combined to provide a unique, entertaining shopping experience

My role
I was given the task of creating Chinese motifs for the China court of the mall. I was invited to Dubai to participate in the mall project when I was 21 years old. Having been born and raised in Iran, I had never had any exposure to Chinese culture; however, I was excited accept the challenge and broaden my horizons. In order to create these designs, I had to research Chinese culture, art, and design elements to incorporate into these pieces I was creating. Over the course of three months, I designed several pieces that were placed on the interior walls and ceilings, exterior walls of the building, as well as banners, brochures, and other promotional items geared to generate excitement and bring customers through the doors.
The experience I gained from this project was invaluable. Being able to see the product of my hard work and research blown up on huge displays inside one of most innovative, diverse malls in the world for millions to see was a huge accomplishment for me.

Project Details
  • ClientIBN Battuta Mall
  • Date2009
  • CategoriesGraphic design, Painting
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