Cydonia & Co.
Cydonia is a New York based jewelry company for modern women.
Project Description
Cydonia Collections offers a unique spin on classic, designer jewelry - combining sterling silver with 18K gold accents and showcasing high grade semi-precious gemstones. I was given the task to design a promotional campaign that would deliver a luxurious brand image and bring more business through the doors.

Cydonia is of the belief that jewelry should be as unique as the individual who wears it. I piggybacked my strategy and designs off of the existing brand idea of connecting nature with jewelry. Based on this notion, I utilized natural light, floral designs, and other natural ambiences to fuel the campaign design. As a result, my advertisements and promotional materials were praised by industry professionals and published in multiple industry-related magazines.

Project Details
  • ClientCydonia Jewelery
  • Date2013
  • CategoriesWeb Design, Branding
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