Building Product Ecosystems
A “Collaborative” community that promotes and stimulates good health.
Project Description
The primary mission of the Collaborative for Building Product Ecosystems (BPE) is to provide a cohesive platform and partnership between professional industries, research facilities, government departments, and the blue-collar workforce around the topic of building products and materials. The BPE Collaborative, initiated by The Durst Organization and in partnership with The New School and the City University of New York, was formed to focus specifically on the impact, opportunities, and challenges of construction products used in the design and construction industries, and the implications on human health.

Through the BPE Collaborative, The Durst Organization aims to achieve the following: · Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination · Research and Development · Innovation · Academic Scholarship · Market Disruption and Transformation · Economic Opportunity.

I created a logo that exhibits the collaborative nature of the organization, illustrated by the formation of circles interlinked with each other. The periodic movement of the circles demonstrates the innovative and constantly changing industry. The bright, warm colors help supplement this idea by creating an energetic ambience around the logo.

Project Details
  • ClientBuilding Products Ecosystem
  • Date2014
  • CategoriesWeb design, Branding
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