Continuous Improvement​

Today’s fast moving world makes doing your “day job”, be that farming or making and bottling wine, more and more complicated. With all the challenges such as increasing labor costs, new regulations coming every day,  new technologies and techniques available, and company changes such as mergers, acquisitions, divergers, and organization changes, before your processes become inefficient, costly and, sometimes, unsafe.

More technology is often not the answer, and you know more people rarely is affordable. Embedding a culture of Continuous Improvement can transform an organization. We can guide you on that journey following a Lean-based methodology. Lean is based on core principles the revolve around the concept of reducing waste; anything that doesn’t add value to your customer is either eliminated or reduced.

Underpinning this is a respect for the people in your organization.

​Our goal is to lead a program that embeds Continuous Improvement practices into the culture of your company, leading to a long-term improvement, not a “fad-of-the-month” program.

We have implemented Continuous Improvement programs in farming operations, cellar operations and offices. Call us to discuss how we can help your teams work safer, perform better, and complete tasks easier.