Video Online Training (VOT) Launches Today

We just launched “Influencing Without Authority” on our new Video Online Training platform. This new platform gives Bob the BA a whole new way to present Business Analyst training.

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Training Options

Our exciting new platform allows Bob the BA to provide a new method of Business Analysis training world-wide and adds to our other platforms for training:

Business Analyst Public Courses

Interact live with an instructor in a classroom either physically or virtually. Very affordable for individuals or organizations. Training is conducted on a set schedule so you’ll need to juggle your calendar.

business analyst video online training

Watch and interact with an online interactive video. Learn topics on your own pace – anywhere, anytime. Affordable for individual budgets and incredible enterprise solutions! Take the training at your own pace.  Easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Business Analyst Custom Enterprise training solutions

Training is customized to meet your training goals in an instructor lead environment privately for your company. Free customization and affordable. Privately held training for an organization or team.

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