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Shahrouz Varshabi is a worldwide renown visual design and web technology professional, creative and innovative who has bases in New York City. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Designity, an educational startup company which managed to fundamentally change the notion of design education solving at the same time the huge problem of unemployment and student debt in the design industry across the U.S.

Being above all a creative entrepreneur, Shahrouz loves to discuss and debate creative ideas motivating people to pursue their dreams, everything resulting in a funny and intellectual conversation that is both inspiring and compelling people to succeed and follow their dreams. Another unique virtue is Shahrouz’s strong storytelling talent, which combined with a biting sense of humor influence and transforms each project he’s getting his hands on.

Moving to the U.S:

Shahrouz moved to New York City from Tehran-Iran on February 18th 2011 in order to receive his Masters Degree in Design & Technology at Parsons The New School. The engine behind his actions has been his dream of pursuing his entrepreneurial spirit, so keen on innovative designs and technologies.

His startup Designity came from the stage of ideas to reality during Shahrouz’s college years when he was trying to find freelance projects to work on in order to get the money necessary for paying the tuition. By connecting design students to real world projects he not only helped the students in need for money but also the business community which could now rely on young and inspiring minds & ideas which were probably being ignored to a great extend until then. Since he didn’t have neither the time nor the experience to handle all the projects, Shahrouz created an internal web composed of his friends and colleagues who would get projects in exchange of a commission fee. So, what started as a way of making some money proved to become a successful platform for experimentation and real world connection. After realizing the huge potential in this subject matter Shahrouz ultimately decided to further explore his experiment and work on Designity as his thesis project. His well known professors such as Anezka Sebek and David Carroll worked with him closely while building his thesis project and together they built an online educational platform with the aim of bringing together all the design students, alumni and employers in order for them to learn, teach and work on real life projects, develop both personally and professionally. As an ultimate way of proofing his concept he launched a Kickstarter campaign catching a lot of attention in the design industry, project which turned to be the beginning for Designity.

Early in life:

Shahrouz Varshabi was born on September 21st 1985 in Tehran, Iran. While you might think he spent his time killing the others and riding to work on ass back in the desert, things stood really the opposite. While studying for his bachelor degree in graphic design, Shahrouz really got inspired from his sister’s boring workbooks and decided to revolutionize children books in all the schools across Iran.

Shahrouz is the creator of a famous cartoon book back in Iran where the main characters were Medi and Peki. While Medi is a pencil acting as a symbol for creation, Peki is an eraser acting as a symbol of correction and both of them acted as a binding substance between the text books the children were using and the their activity books; the purpose was to create studying materials which were personable enough to ease the learning process making at the same time more enjoyable.

His work received the proper recognition and as a result he successfully co-launched a publication startup publishing within two years more than 28 children books, with 185 pages per book on average. The subjects covered were various starting from reading, math science and many more. After printing 2,000 units in his first year, his publication has been so successful so that in the next year he had to print over 300,000 units in order to fill the demand which was everyday growing. Shahrouz satirical interactive style continued to cause a stir spreading like wildfire through Iranian schools, the children and teachers being in love with his books. Within 2 years of starting his company he generated $1.8 million in revenue and ultimately his company was acquired by one of the biggest publication company, Marefat.